Taking care
of your future

Relationship and expertise are the cornerstones of our business. Orca expert team will take care of your financial future by guiding you through the process and provide you the best advice and solution on the market. Our services will ensure you have all of your financial aspects covered.

We take care of your financial
peace of mind, with life, pension,
investment and wealth management

Our team take the time to
understand your life style and life
stage, so that we can offer you
optimum financial services and advice.

Personal approach and
trust are the most
important values in Orca.

We’re providing both to
each of our clients”

Sarah McGurrin
Life & Pensions Director, Orca Financial Ltd.

Who we are

We set up Orca as we felt there was a lack of service in the pensions market, and this was a gap we wanted to fill. Over time we have added a range of services for our customers, and our core focus has always been about making everything we do more client and service focused.

We are a financial broker established in 2004, and through our team of financial advisors and administrators, we now look after the needs of over 2000 clients nationwide.

Our Mission

We offer security, peace of mind and sound financial advice. We are future focused and have built our business on personal relationships and trust.

We achieve our Mission by adding value for our clients – advice when they want it, as they need it and as their lifestyle changes.

We lead with the 3 world review:

Yours, ours & the world at large.

How we can help you?

We understand that your focus is on your career and the day to day challenges of life. We know that providing for you and your family into the future is a key priority.

We are here to ensure that no matter what happens in your future, that we have you covered. We give you peace of mind that your financial future is being looked after.

Your client service team

Our team have over 80 years of Financial Management experience and are dedicated to giving you tailored financial advice, to ensure your future is protected. Contact any of our team directly today. As a team we offer a highly personalised service, and have a long standing trust with all of our customers. We have exceptional industry knowledge, and are constantly up skilling on the latest financial industry updates and changes. As we educate ourselves, we will educate you!

Managing Director

Head of Life & Pensions

Company Director

Operations Manager

Senior Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

Senior Administrator

Life & Pensions Administrator 

Life and Pensions Administrator

The Orca Financial Guide to understanding how financial advice works and how good financial advice matters
Why good financial advice matters?

Financial advice is on-going process. It’s important that you have someone who is keeping their eye on the ball for you – helping you to avoid costly pitfalls and looking out for wealth building opportunities as they arise.

What do we offer?

We provide the full range of trust, tax and insurance solutions.

  • Cashflow Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Management for personal assets
  • Investment Management for pension assets
  • Specialist Guidance on estate and succession planning
  • Tax efficient investments
Why Orca Financial?

At Orca our approach is simple; it’s not all about the money. Yes, we deliver expert financial advice and we have a team full of proficient individuals that can provide information on pensions, investments and tax. But, what it’s really all about, is YOU.

We want to know your worries, your dreams, your aspirations and your ambitions. Then we’ll use our experience, knowledge and expertise to make it financially possible to provide you with the peace of mind and confidence to go and live the life you want. We believe that the Orca Financial Planning Team and our clients are one big family with common goals and a shared vison of the future.

The Orca Financial Group was established in 2004 and we have office locations in both Dublin & Portlaoise.

Here is what we don’t do.

Here are five areas where we do not offer advice. We may not be the appropriate fit for you if these things are essential to you. 

  1. We don’t like talking about financial products any more than you do, but we’re here to assist you. 
  2. We won’t pretend to predict when “the market” will peak, recover, or simply bob along for months at a time.
  3. We have no idea where the next “hot” investing concept will come from. Or what the best-selling fund will be this year.
  4. We make no claim to being able to predict when the ideal timing is to enter or exit the stock market. We strongly believe the only thing that matters is time in the market.
  5. We are not here to deceive you. If your goals are not attainable based on your current financial circumstances, we will tell you this.