Retirement Planning

During this life stage, you may start to think about when you can stop working. You may have started to
make inroads in paying off your mortgage. Your children may be older and may be thinking of flying the nest.
Your salary has hopefully improved and you may have more disposable income. 

The earlier people start saving for their retirement, the better their position will be later in life. During this
life stage our main objective will be helping you to establish: “How much money you need, to reach and
maintain your desired lifestyle for the rest of your days, without fear of ever running out of money.
”You may also be able to balance this with enhancing your current Lifestyle.

Why choose Orca Financial?

At Orca our approach is simple; it’s not all about the money. Yes, we deliver expert financial advice and we have a team full of proficient individuals that can provide information on pensions, investments and tax. But, what it’s really all about, is YOU.

We want to know your worries, your dreams, your aspirations and your ambitions. Then we’ll use our experience, knowledge and expertise to make it financially possible to provide you with the peace of mind and confidence to go and live the life you want. We believe that the Orca Financial Planning Team and our clients are one big family with common goals and a shared vison of the future.

Need more information?

We have developed a complete set of white papers that
can answer any difficult questions you may be asking yourself.

Don’t just take our
word for it . . .

“See what our clients
have to say”

Declan Gray

“I always felt I was just a number when I had my investment portfolio with one of the larger institutions, that was until I started dealing with John. Yes, we all want the best return on our investments, but let’s be honest, you never get to really use it until a long way down the road and I’d rather feel appreciated along the way. The advice and feeling I received from Orca no longer made me feel like I was just earning somebody else a commission. I felt special, regardless of what I had accumulated. Moving to Orca was the best decision I ever made”.

Stephen Larkin

“I first came across Keith and the Orca Financial Group when I needed to repatriate my pensions and investments from the UK to Ireland. As well as guiding me through the whole process, Keith made it very easy for me as he handled all of the administration and paperwork. Not only did he chase down numerous pensions from various jobs over the years, but he also tracked down a forgotten, small investment that had grown quite substantially to be a very welcome bonus.

Over the last six years I have been delighted with Keith’s guidance and his handling of my portfolio. I highly recommend him as I always do to my own family and friends”.

Elizabeth Leavy

“Keith Hannon has been my financial advisor for a number of years now, he has always been so helpful, very clear in his communication with me, always makes himself available when I need help, and demystifies pension’s and investments for me – the lay person!! Keith has always given me very sound advice and is a pleasure to deal with.  I would have no reservations is recommending him to friends and family.”

Maria McMenamin

I contacted Orca after moving to a new company, I needed professional advice as to how I take my pension with me. Orca looked after the entire process, they were clear about the procedure and options available to me. I found all the team to be very helpful and I have been dealing with them ever since.

Arabin Jones

“Earlier this year, I decided to review my current pension funds from previous employers. Keith was introduced to me through a mutual friend and following our initial meeting, he reviewed my circumstances and explained the options available under my previous employers pension scheme. The overall process seemed effortless, as Keith even looked after all the necessary paperwork. 

Keith is personable, customer service oriented Financial Advisor professional, who takes a hands on approach when dealing with his clients financial affairs. I was delighted with the service and would recommend Keith to anyone looking for pension advice planning.

Simon Taylor

“Earlier this year when I decided to move my UK pension funds to Ireland, I met with Keith to discuss the process involved. Keith explained the complicated QROPS process in a very easy to understand way. He wet through the pro’s and con’s relating to each of my options, and when it was decided upon the most appropriate one, we completed the multitude of forms required. Keith dealt directly with my UK pension providers and organised the transfer of my funds to my Irish pension arrangement with no headaches at all. I was so impressed with his service that I recommended him to my wife and he has since sorted out her UK pension transfer. I would happily recommend Keith for any pension queries you may have.”

Sean Coyne

“Like a lot of people, my investment, savings and pension plans took a serious battering over the last few years, I approached Keith by a simple request “help me get back on track.

Keith has a no-nonsense approach that cuts through the jargon and has helped me towards, what I believe will be a far more secure fuure. He has a strog professional manner and I would recommend him to anyone looking for peace of mind when it comes to their financial well-being.”

Donal Duggan

“When I left my previous employment with Dell, I had no idea what to do with the pension fund I accumulated during my time there. Keith was personally introduced to me and following an initial meeting, he went through all of my options explaining each one in a clear jargon free manner. Having decided on the option most appropriate for me, Keith organised all of the necessary paperwork in a seamless fashion. 

As promised, he has met with me on a regular basis to review my fund performance and to recommend minor tweaks to my investment portfolio. I have been delighted with Keith’s expertise in the area of pensions along with his overall service and friendliness and would highly recommend him if you have any queries with regard to your existing pensions or one you may have left behind in a previous employment.”

Declan Farrell

“Pensions and investments has always been a scary area for me. Keith and the team at Orca have helped me to understand where I am today and make decisions that have improved the management of my portfolio. My questions are answered quickly and comprehensively . I feel listened to and well informed on matters affecting me.”